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Flexible and quick solutions: That is our strength in the field of information technology. With our competent team we have served our customers since 2005. Among our customers are associations, cooperatives, communities, law firms, logistics enterprises, NGOs, political parties, representatives and travel operators.

We mainly develop software and ensure professional system operation. As external consultants, we organize audits and advise on IT security and data protection. We communicate in a manner that is clear, simple and concise. We carry out project management on time with reliable methodologies. With many years of experience, we are also capable of solving complex tasks. Our transparent way of working is efficient and goal-oriented. All measures are cost-saving and as sustainable as possible. We often work at a fixed price.

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Consulting and project management

We offer advice in all IT fields. We specialize in the analysis of special customer problems including IT security and data protection. We take the existing IT infrastructure into account and develop pragmatic suggestions for improvement. We carry out the necessary inventories and analyze at short notice. You will receive relevant recommendations derived from this in an understandable form. We work inexpensively and quickly for companies of all sizes.

Professional project management is the basis of our work. We choose cost efficient methods. We have many years of experience in various projects of the European Commission. We work with intercultural teams based on the latest communication models. We focus on pleasant collaboration embracing partnership. Different interests are consolidated into a common plan.

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Development and system operation

We offer the development of individual solutions, the adaptation or expansion of existing systems and system operation. In principle there are two approaches: Either you have identified a specific idea for a special requirement, integration or expansion or you need to address overarching problems, such as inefficiency, slowdown, lack of specialist knowledge. Either way, we can increase and improve the work results in the company by programming (missing) software and optimizing the hardware and system operation as well as by training your employees. We specialize in data modeling, database development and optimization, algorithms for image processing and geopositioning. We also like to work on complex challenges, which particularly include process management and algorithms for group decisions.

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Deliberation and decision making is easy with LiquidFeedback, the software for democratic processes that is available as open source. LiquidFeedback has a well-designed user interface, is easy to use and guarantees equal rights for all participants. LiquidFeedback promotes credibility through transparency and enables productive division of labor for large groups regardless of time and place. LiquidFeedback can be used in many areas: in companies for employee participation, product development as well as data control and approval, in cooperatives, parties and associations for digital general assemblies, party conventions or member meetings and for cities, municipalities and other local authorities for civic participation.

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